The Celebration of Holy Mass resumes on 11th November

2020 7 8 Our Lady & St Illtyd covid secure

welcome back to the public celebration of Holy Mass from Wednesday 11th November. The guidelines and restrictions remain in place and therefore Elizabeth is available to take bookings Monday to Friday 12 noon to 4pm, this means no Mass bookings will be taken outside of the times printed or at weekends. If you have been unable to book a place for Mass please do not turn up on the off chance that there may be a place available as it is important the guidelines are adhered to and could lead to disappointment.


Please DO NOT telephone the Parish Office, email or use Facebook messenger.


By registering to attend Mass, you confirm the following conditions are met:

  • You currently show no symptoms of Coronavirus
  • Should you develop symptoms prior to the service, you will NOT attend
  • You agree to use hand-sanitizer as a condition of entry and follow the instructions of the stewards
  • It is now a legal requirement in Wales for anyone over the age of 11yrs to wear a face mask in an indoor public space, this includes Places of Worship. If you are
    medically exempt please advise when booking to avoid any discomfort or embarrassment at the door.
    As you approach Fr. Mark please lower it to below your chin to receive the Blessed Lord in Holy Communion and then replace it before moving away.

FACE COVERINGS: To avoid any confusion, the following information has been issued by the Welsh Government to all Places of Worship, “When gathering in “open premises” – including places of worship it is now a requirement to wear a face covering as well as taking the steps, such as hand washing and physical distancing, which are required. There are exceptions to the requirement to wear a face covering for medical reasons, and it is permitted to remove the covering “to communicate with another person who has difficulty communicating (in relation to speech, language or otherwise)” [Regulation 12B(4)(c)]. We consider that those leading worship or a ceremony may have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering if they cannot effectively do so while wearing one, as long as they have taken other sufficient mitigations such as staying continually over 2 metres away from others and/or wearing a visor.”


The Church will look a little different and there are changes to the format of Holy Mass to comply with the guidelines from the Bishop’s Conference of England & Wales

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or distress the regulations may cause. They are a requirement to enable public worship to take place, also to ensure everyone’s safety and hopefully reassure you and help you on your return back to Mass.

  • If you are vulnerable to Coronavirus, please stay SAFE, PLEASE STAY home!
  • The Church will open 30mins before Mass begins for Private Prayer (No communal Rosary)
  • Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before the start time of Mass
  • Please queue safely inside the bollards
  • Please adhere to the strict 2m social distancing guidelines
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided
  • The Church is laid out with a one-way system
  • Please allow a Steward to greet you and show you to your seat – please remain in the pew you have been allocated!
  • No Prayers of the Faithful
  • No Offertory procession, the gifts will be on the altar before Mass begins.

The Communion Rite

  • No sign of peace
  • After the prayer and it’s response to “Behold the Lamb of God..”, the Priest elevates the Host to the Congregation and says “The Body of Christ” to which the people respond “Amen”. In the same way he elevates the chalice says “The Blood of Christ” and the people respond “Amen”. The priest then receives Holy Communion. After this he cleanses the paten and chalice. Followed by a reverent silence before the Prayer after Communion, the final Blessing and Dismissal will take place at which point the Stewards come forward to receive Holy Communion.
  • The Steward will then invite you to come forward for Holy Communion in an orderly manner – please be advised we only consecrate hosts for the numbers booked.
  • Holy Communion will be socially distanced and you are asked to receive the Lord in your hand only.
  • Following the reception of Holy Communion you become a living tabernacle, please prayerfully exit the Church immediately and either pray your post-communion reflection at the Grotto or in your car before safely driving home.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided before leaving.

For your information

  • The toilets remain closed however will be available via a Steward in an emergency .
  • You may be bringing your family to Mass. In the current climate it will be necessary for any children to stay in the pews. There cannot be free roaming around the church.
  • Offertory baskets available at every Mass on the entrance and exit for your offering.
  • To maximise the safety of all concerned, regrettably, until further notice all liturgical ministries are temporarily suspended
  • Following Mass the Church is locked to enable the Steward to clean and will only reopen for the next Mass

Many hours have been spent trying to reconfigure St. Cadoc’s Church but following a full Health & Safety risk assessment, unfortunately due to it’s lay-out and other mitigating factors, i.e. 2m social distancing of pews & people, a one way system, (to name a few), it is proving difficult to adapt the building to comply with Covid–19 regulations. Therefore with a heavy heart, for now, the Church will be unable to open. It is pleasing to see that, after all these months of a Eucharistic fast, some people are willing to drive a short distance to Llantwit Major to receive the Lord in the Holy Eucharist. I understand that it is unsettling for some not to be able to attend the Church they are familiar with but we should, in these unprecedented times, recognise the graces bestowed on us and be thankful to God that we are allowed to participate in the public celebration of Mass once again.

STEWARDS: we are very grateful to the existing teams of stewards who ensure our Church continues to be open for restricted public worship. Over the next few weeks, with volunteers returning to work as well as other factors, it will be necessary for more people to come forward to help steward and clean if the celebration of Holy Mass is to continue four times a week. We are required to abide by the strict Covid-19 risk assessments and this new way of doing things is for the long term. If you are UNDER THE AGE OF 70yrs with NO underlying health issues and are able to assist, please contact Elizabeth with your availability. Please consider this request, you may volunteer as many or as few times as is convenient for you.

I look forward to welcoming you back to the public celebration of Holy Mass.

Stay safe in God’s love and care

Fr. Mark