Hosts Needed!

Dear Church,

Housing Justice Cymru is appealing to anyone with a spare room to come forward and volunteer to host refugees from all over the world seeking sanctuary in Wales during these troubling times.

As a Nation of Sanctuary, refugees are being invited to come to Wales for safety but there is a shortage of accommodation for them. Welsh Government has already committed to providing housing for all those experiencing homelessness in Wales, consequently there is now very little capacity to accommodate refugees.

We are writing to ask for your help in promoting our appeal among your Church and local community. If you would like posters to put up within your community or flyers to distribute – please do let us know on this email address and we can post some to you. To find out more about Housing Justice Cymru’s hosting programme and how you can help, please click here or email

Thank you.

Bonnie Williams, Director of Housing Justice Cymru