Forming Intentional Disciples

The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus

A conference is being put on in June in the diocese for both the Clergy and Laity. Saturday 15 June is the day on which lay people from the parishes in the diocese are invited to participate in the Conference. Parishes have been encouraged to organise reading and study sessions of the book written by Sherry Weddell entitled ‘Forming Intentional Disciples’. (Sherry Weddell is from the Catherine of Sienna Institute, Colorado Springs, USA.) It is hoped that at least 10 adults from each parish in the Bridgend Deanery will sign up to being involved in both the preparatory study sessions set out below and the Conference on Saturday 15 June.Please speak to your Parish Priest/Deacon if you wish to be part of this initiative. The Archbishop has been actively involved in the preparations and is positively encouraging us to respond. The Deanery Clergy have met and have decided to put on these series of talks for ourselves at St. Mary’s RC Church, 39 Ewenny Road, Bridgend CF31 3HS Tuesday evenings 7pm – please see dates below.

(To see Sherry Weddell online; Google search – “you tube sherry weddell forming intentional disciples” – there are several extracts from which to choose.)