CROESO COWBRIDGE – Is looking for a Home to Rent – Can you help?

The Croeso Cowbridge Team have been working with the local Council and are waiting for final approval from the Home Office to welcome a Refugee family to Cowbridge.  This is expected very soon, and we are now looking for a home in Cowbridge to house a vulnerable Syrian family in a few months’ time.  The resettlement is through the Government’s Community Sponsorship Scheme, and a local team of volunteers has been formed to help support all aspects of the transition.

  • Do you have a (min) 3-bedroom property in or close to Cowbridge for Rent?
  • The Benefits to you are rental income for two years with fully cash guaranteed agreement.
  • Many other communities in the UK have already welcomed refugee families and there have been many positive experiences of community involvement.
  • The family will benefit from safe, self-contained and fully supported and funded resettlement support from our community.
  • Croeso Cowbridge is supported by the Deanery and Citizen UK. This means there is comprehensive and professional backing and information available to any potential landlords.

 If you have a potentially suitable property please email titled ‘Property for Rent Cowbridge’ and details to: and include a telephone contact, location and details of the property.