Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

CCRS Catechetics Module – as part of the CCRS Course or as a stand-alone module for those interested / involved in Catechesis

These days will be led by David Wells, a catechist and author who regularly speaks at conferences throughout the world.

Day 1: Saturday 5th October 2019 and Day 2: Saturday 9th November 2019 at the Pastoral Resources Centre, 910 Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 4LL



Pope Francis encourages us to rethink how we pass on what we believe to others. He is not changing the message but asking the messenger to change. What does that mean? In our day together we will consider three questions:

  1. Does what we currently do in our parishes actually work, not just in terms of what we pass on, but how?
  2. Can we reconsider what ‘conversion in hearts and minds’ is like and how that affects how we approach catechesis?
  3. How does this affect who we are as ‘missionary catechists’?

The sessions are full of insights from our scriptures, Church teaching and the Saints.

You don’t have to be a catechist to attend, but during the sessions we hope you will enjoy the possibility that you are one, you have always been one, and why you want to be one.


David writes: Our aims are

  1. greater knowledge and confidence about who a catechist is and what a catechist does.
  2. a better understanding of strong pastoral strategies for catechesis.
  3. clarity about missionary approaches to catechesis.
  4. enjoyment of the days, leaving glad you came and excited about the future.


The sessions can be attended as a ‘Specialist Module’ for the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) Course, or as a stand-alone course for a Diocesan Catechists’ Certificate.


Cost for the 2-day course is included in the course fee for those following the complete CCRS Course and £15 for other participants.

Booking is essential. Visit and use the Book a Course facility or email