CROESO COWBRIDGE – Is looking for a Home to Rent – Can you help?

The Croeso Cowbridge Team have been working with the local Council and are waiting for final approval from the Home Office to welcome a Refugee family to Cowbridge.  This is expected very soon, and we are now looking for a home in Cowbridge to house a vulnerable Syrian family in a few months’ time.  The resettlement is through the Government’s Community Sponsorship Scheme, and a local team of volunteers has been formed to help support all aspects of the transition.

  • Do you have a (min) 3-bedroom property in or close to Cowbridge for Rent?
  • The Benefits to you are rental income for two years with fully cash guaranteed agreement.
  • Many other communities in the UK have already welcomed refugee families and there have been many positive experiences of community involvement.
  • The family will benefit from safe, self-contained and fully supported and funded resettlement support from our community.
  • Croeso Cowbridge is supported by the Deanery and Citizen UK. This means there is comprehensive and professional backing and information available to any potential landlords.

 If you have a potentially suitable property please email titled ‘Property for Rent Cowbridge’ and details to: and include a telephone contact, location and details of the property.


Online Parish Prayer Group

Every Thursday 2.45 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. with Divine Mercy, Rosary and intercessory prayers. If interested, you will need either a computer, tablet or mobile phone (most models will work) and an email address. I can telephone with technical help in helping to download the FREE Zoom software. After this, each week you will be sent an email to click the link to join at the appropriate time (very easy). No worries if you can’t attend every week. If you would like more information or would like to join please contact Deirdre Barker on 01446 793224.


Almsgiving is not necessarily monetary offerings and there are many families in our local community  depending on those who have much food to give just a little, please see the up-to-date shopping list and consider donating this Lent. Thank you!

Tinned spaghetti,
macaroni cheese
rice pudding and custard
tinned potatoes
UHT fruit juice
hair conditioner
washing up liquid
toilet rolls
all household cleaning items
dog & cat food. 




Divine Encounter