The next Scripture Study Day will be given on Saturday, November 6th from 11am-12.30pm. On November 6th, Deacon Philip Manghan will be giving a talk on “The Gospel of St. Luke”. Deacon Philip is a Parish Deacon at St. Mary’s, Bridgend and was previously the Adviser for Wales for the Catholic Education Service. He will be familiar to many people for his knowledge of the Scriptures and his friendly and engaging peaking style. He will bring our study of the four Gospels to an excellent end. Details of the programme of talks for the year can be found on the Archdiocesan website events.

How to Access the online Talks

You can access the talks on the day via Zoom at:

Meeting ID 863 9669 5727

Passcode: 068790

Contacts for enquiries: Madeleine Walters at at or Kate Duffin at