November focuses on All Saints and All

What’s the origins of our theology and biblical understanding of these special Feast Days? We explore these and other aspects in The Journey to the Other

Look at our Saintly Inspiration role models this month:


Sick & Retired Clergy Fund Appeal – 6th/7th November

The pandemic has shown how important priests are in supporting parish communities during a crisis. But just as we have relied on priests during the pandemic, so they rely on us in their retirement. The Sick and Retired Clergy Fund appeal is our opportunity to say thank you.

While priests and parish volunteers have responded valiantly to the COVID-19 crisis our usual fundraising activity has been curtailed. The Sick and Retired Clergy Fund appeal did not run in 2020 because of the pandemic. We are therefore launching the appeal this year in the knowledge that it is doubly important.

Parish priests generally retire from the administrative burdens of parish life at the age of 75, often having given 40-50 years of service to their community. This is well beyond the retirement age of most lay people. As they live independently, retired priests support themselves with the help of the Sick and Retired Clergy Fund.

The Fund ensures that priests enjoy a dignified retirement. It supports independent living providing them with a suitable home alongside other services. Above all, it makes certain that their social and health care needs are met. Our priests rely on the Fund having devoted their lives to furthering the mission of the Church and bringing people closer to Christ.

If you would like to support the Sick and Retired Clergy Fund appeal gift aid envelopes will be available shortly. Alternatively, you can give online at You can also print and cut out the Gift Aid declaration and return it with your donation to Archbishop’s House 41/43 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9HD.


Message from Archbishop George

Archbishop George writes:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Once again, I commend to your generosity the annual appeal for the support of the sick and retired priests of the Archdiocese of Cardiff. I know how grateful you are for the ministry of your priests over the years. This collection is an opportunity to thank them in a practical way for their years of dedicated service to the people in their care. As always, I am grateful for the support, encouragement and love shown to our priests.

Please keep us all in your prayers.

+ George Stack

Archbishop of Cardiff & Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Menevia



Saint Luke

St. Luke’s two-volume work comprises the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. His Gospel is the only one written by a Gentile Christian and he likely wrote it between 70 and 85 AD. Luke was thorough in his research and interviewed eye witnesses when composing his works. Luke’s writing is warm and his Gospel is often summarised as the Gospel of Mercy.

Luke was a disciple of Paul, first appearing in Acts during Paul’s second missionary journey to Philippi. He was a faithful missionary companion of Paul’s and stayed nearby when Paul was imprisoned. Paul refers to Luke as “our beloved physician”.

St Luke is the Patron Saint of Artists/Painters and Physicians/Surgeons. His symbol is an ox.

Archdiocese of Cardiff “The God Who Speaks”: Scripture Study Day with Deacon Philip Manghan

Archdiocese of Cardiff “The God Who Speaks”: Scripture Study Days

The next two Scripture Study Day will be given on Saturday 9th October and Saturday 6th November from 11am-12.30pm.

On 9th October, Deacon Maurice Scanlon will be giving a talk: “The Gospel of St. Mark”. Deacon Maurice is a deacon at St. Mary’s of the Angels

On 6th November, Deacon Philip Manghan will be giving a talk on “The Gospel of St. Luke”.  Deacon Philip hails from St. Mary’s Bridgend.

Both deacons will be familiar to many people for their knowledge of the Scriptures and their engaging speaking style. They will bring our study of the four Gospels to an excellent end.

Details of the programme of talks for the year can be found on the Archdiocesan website events.

How to Access the online Talks

You can access the talks on the day via Zoom at:

Meeting ID 863 9669 5727

Passcode: 068790

Contacts for enquiries: Madeleine Walters at at or Kate Duffin at